Lithuania blocked the investments of the Russian “System” for gathering map data

Lithuania blocked the investments of the Russian “System” for gathering map data

According to Lithuanian reconnaissance, data were collected for the Russian armed forces.

In the report, threats to national security, prepared by the Department of state security (DGB) and the Second Department of operational services under the Ministry of defence described the case where the holding Vladimir Yevtushenkov “System” through his son managed investment company has acquired the Lithuanian company, engaged in the mapping and aerial photography.

At the same time, reports Delfi under control, “Systems” was the Russian company “Kronstadt”, which several years ago won the competition equipment of the centre for electronic map data.

According to intelligence reports, it is likely that after the acquisition of the company, which operates in Lithuania and other EU countries, Russia “tried to take advantage of the cover of the current EU member States, companies and disguise the data collection for the Russian armed forces”.

“The action corresponds to the modus operandi of the Russian intelligence and security services, when activities against the national interests of EU countries are used by local companies”, — the document says.

It also notes that Russia is seeking to collect more map data that would allow effective use of the system launch. The intelligence States that indirectly purchased a “System” the Lithuanian company working in strategically important to the national security sector of the economy, so the decision was made to recognize the investor does not comply with the interests of national security.

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