In the party of potatoes from France found a grenade (video)

In the party of potatoes from France found a grenade (video)

Of her wanted to make Kale chips.

Workers at the Hong Kong factory producing the chips found in the potato grenade during the First world war.

Batch of potatoes arrived at the plant from France, according to French news Agency. The grenade with a width of 8 cm and weighing about 1 kg were manufactured in Germany. Apparently she spent a long time in the ground on the former battlefield, which later became a potato farm.

?Update?@hkpoliceforce have detonated a grenade at the TKO Industrial Estate. No causality is reported. #香港警察 在將軍澳工業邨剛引爆一枚手榴彈,現場安全。#Safeguarding #HongKong #Safety #Emergency #Explosive #EOD?

— Hong Kong Police Force (@hkpoliceforce) 2 Feb 2019

Police evacuated employees and defused grenade in the yard of the plant. It is placed in the hole and triggered the explosion with a jet of water under strong pressure.

Hong Kong police have recorded the detonation on video and posted it on the social networks.

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