In the Russian regions held rallies against garbage reform

In the Russian regions held rallies against garbage reform

In the regions of Russia is all-Russian action ecoprotect “Russia is not a dustbin!”, directed against garbage reform. From 1 January, the Russian regions have adopted a new system of waste management, according to which now for the collection, transport, processing, recycling, disposal and dumping of debris determined by regional operators that have been chosen through competitions.

Agreed by the authorities the rallies were held in Novosibirsk, Omsk and Krasnoyarsk. In the Novosibirsk branch of the “Yabloko” party held a mass picket near the metro station “Krasny Prospekt”. As reported by “Kommersant” the leader of the local Yabloko Svetlana Kaverzina, environmental action it is stated in the notice of the number of participants — about 15 people. In Omsk rally on the square in front of the CCM for them. Victor Blinov has gathered around 100 people.

We have a recycling reform! #Novosibirsk

— Kostya Koshkin (@Koshkin_Kostya) 2 Feb 2019

Activists demanded to go to modern methods of waste processing, not allowing further incineration and disposal of garbage.

In Krasnoyarsk for a rally near the house of culture of the Kirov came about 50 people. Following the campaign, adopted a resolution, which will be sent to the Prosecutor’s office, city and provincial authorities. According to the document, activists have demanded the authorities to check landfills, to examine the approved tariffs for garbage removal, to recognize the territory of the Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant environmental disaster zone and discuss with experts the question of the construction of a nuclear burial site near Zheleznogorsk.

In the village of Dmitriyevka , Tambov region, where at the end of December held a rally against the reconstruction of the range “Bastion”, the activists planned to hold a rally numbering up to 20 people, however for formal reasons, the district administration denied its approval. Earlier, the Governor of the region Alexander Nikitin ensures complete closure and reclamation of the landfill, with those protests came to naught.

In the Yaroslavl rally against the garbage of the reform was held in Victory Park in the residential area of Bragino. Previously, the government refused to agree to the request of the organizers for the rally in the city center, referring to the events on the occasion of the Year of theatre in Russia. The first Secretary of the Communist party regional Committee Alexander Vorobiev told “Kommersant” that the rally came more than 300 people.

They demanded to lower tariffs for garbage collection from a single regional operator “Charter” and expressed the solidarity of the Arkhangelsk region, where it is planned to take waste from Moscow.

In Tatarstan the meeting was organized by opponents of the construction of a waste incineration plant (WIP). Originally, the activists planned a rally in the centre of Kazan, but local authorities banned it. The court took the position of the Executive Committee. In the end, the meeting failed to agree on only in the suburbs of Kazan — the village, where it is planned to build a plant. The event attracted more than 500 people. Activists signed the appeal to President of Russia Vladimir Putin with a demand to prohibit the construction of incinerators in Russia, while the level of recycling reaches 85%.

Speaking at the rally in Cheboksary, among whom were several of the Directors of the HOA and utility upravlenii, talking about overpriced, at least double the rate for garbage collection, called the new garbage situation, “corruption tax” outraged “level of theft,” the debris in the Chuvash Republic by 2.4 billion rubles, the lack of competition in the garbage business in the Republic, as in the Chuvash Republic — in contrast to other regions of the Russian authorities gave it in the hands of a single company — MVK, OOO Ecocenter”. According to the organizers, the protest rally was attended by more than 220 citizens. The interior Ministry of the Chuvash Republic refused official comments on the action, but sources in the Ministry explained that the rally, according to police, was attended by 130 people.

Events against the reform for the treatment of MSW in the Krasnodar region have not been agreed by the government, activists decided to limit pickets in Krasnodar, Sochi, Novorossiysk, Yeisk, Tuapse. One of the leaders of the environmental movement in the region Evgeny Vitishko told “Kommersant”. all of the action took place peacefully, without any conflict and detention. Mr Vitishko came to the rally in Tuapse with the slogan “No trash reform”, it means that environmentalists insist on broad public debate on the introduction of new rules for the treatment of MSW and protest against the silencing of the topic of power.