In light of the cadets found larvae of worms

In light of the cadets found larvae of worms

In the Suvorov military school in Ulyanovsk, an outbreak of hydatid disease. On Sunday, 3 February, told the radio station “Moscow speaking” the mother of one of cadets of educational institutions.

According to the woman, some students have found “worms in the lungs.” She lamented that over the weekend the children are not examined, the source or focus of infection is still not found, and 500 cadets and 300 members of staff the school currently employs only one specialist in ultrasound.

The mother of the cadet added that echinococcosis also hurt the employee kitchen and two officers.

Disease students echinococcosis was confirmed by the press service of the regional Ministry of health. The Ministry said that a medical examination revealed a hydatid cyst in 26 of our pupils.

Echinococcosis affects the lungs, liver, and other organs and tissues, which then formed a parasitic cyst.