Such is Decl. What was interesting about rapper Kirill Tolmatsky

Such is Decl. What was interesting about rapper Kirill Tolmatsky

36-m to year of life died the rapper Kirill Tolmatsky, known by his stage name Detsl. The musician died in Izhevsk after a private concert; according to preliminary data the cause of death was cardiac arrest.

On the death of Cyril Tolmatsky first reported in the social networks of his father, producer Alexander Tolmatsky. He wrote a short message “Cyril is no longer” on his page in Facebook, without giving any details of the incident.

In addition, on the death of the musician announced on his public in “Vkontakte”. Later, “Izvestia” with reference to concert Director decl Belerica Paul wrote that the rapper died after a concert in Izhevsk.

After the speech, went to the dressing room in a few minutes he became ill. Preliminary information — he suffered cardiac arrest and died.Paul Belenergostroy Director decl

According to the telegram channel Mash, Decl performed at a private party Izhevsk entrepreneur. In social networks was also published a video in which the musician performs his most famous hit “Party”.

He stood at the origins of Russian rap. The last concert decl in a nightclub before his death.

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Cyril Tolmatsky was born in 1983 in Moscow. He graduated from the British International School, at the age of 16 years, started writing music in the style rap. In 1999, he released the song “Friday” written by the rapper legalize, a “Party” (“house decl…”) was released in 2000 and immediately made a splash — it was played on TV and radio.

Newsmusic hip-hop. What famous Decl

In the same 2000 year and released the debut album of a musician who took the stage name Decl (Cyril was not too high — although versions of the origin of the nickname a few). The album was called “Who? you”, and almost all the songs for it were written by rapper Master Шеff (Vladislav Shafts), and was produced by created on the basis of the Muz-TV hip-hop Association “Bad B. Alliance” — a joint project of the molecular and Alexander Tolmatsky (he was the producer of the music channel). It is through the father in the Association came and Kirill Tolmatsky.

Videos for songs from the first album decl first appeared, and future famous singer and actor Timati.

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Cooperation Valova and Tolmatskogo did not last very long. In 2001, He released another album, “StreetFighter”, the songwriter became a musician himself. The album also became popular thanks to the active promotion of the songs from it on TV, but hit the level of “Party” this time did not happen. However, the song “the Letter” was used on the soundtrack of the film by Vladimir Khotinenko “72 meters”.

After a few years, Cyril Tolmatskogo became an independent artist — it ceased to operate with Gross, wrote the song mostly to himself. He remained popular, and released albums and videos, but the former excitement was gone.

However, in the history of Russian hip-hop Decl remain forever — it was his submission that the direction of the music came from the underground and moved into the category of commercial.

Not everyone likes this, but use the result, perhaps, of all modern Russian rappers.

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“Someone wants to be an artist, so the grandmother to make, and someone- something to the masses. Some are brainwashed, others eyes open. I’m doing my thing. And if you will say that one is a warrior lies. One person can do everything, because he has no one to answer to,” — said in an interview Tolmatsky.

He has nine solo albums; the ninth, “no Matter who’s at the helm”, was released in 2018. True, he Decl often been in the news for scandalous reasons — for example, after a public quarrel with Basta (aka Vasily Vakulenko), but on television, appeared in shows (e.g. “survivor”) and showed there is a very unexpected, thoughtful directions. However, Basta expressed his condolences in connection with the death of his colleague.

It is difficult to say cunning musician or not, but in interview, he admitted that if he could go back to the very beginning of his career, I wouldn’t have to make music: “I Went to school at the Ministry of foreign Affairs, languages to brush up on. If I then said that everything will be like today, I would answer: “Dad, sorry, don’t give me tracks to favourites”.