Each decl spoke about his dreams

Each decl spoke about his dreams

MOSCOW, February 3 — RIA Novosti. Music rapper decl (Kirill Tolmatsky) motivated many to do hip-hop, his independent career was as successful as the beginning of a journey, told RIA Novosti his friend, producer Michael Oger.

The rapper Kirill Tolmatsky (Decl) died in the night on Sunday at the age of 35 years. The contractor became ill after a concert in Izhevsk. As reported by his music Director Paul Belentsa, the cause of death was cardiac arrest.

Cyril was a good man, conscious, honest, courageous, responsive. Very principled. He loved to dream, not afraid to speak the truth. His music at the time prompted many to engage in hip-hop. In zero it was the first mainstream project in which we, as a 15-16-year-olds, I saw that same guy, like us, might have something to do and makes. It was cool.

He noted that He grew and developed throughout one’s career, the musician has gone from “pop music in quite the protest underground”. “This is a rare case when an artist after stadiums and a painful break-up with the producer was able to build an independent story, stay true to themselves, to their listeners. There was a whole generation of people who grew up on his work and continued to listen. Appeared and the young fans that rarely happens,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

As told Oger, decl’s latest album called “no Matter who’s at the helm” was published in 2018. “This is a very political album, nor the track, the manifest”, — concluded the Oger.

Debut album decl “Who are you?” came out in 2000, becoming one of the best selling records in Russia. All the musician has recorded eight albums. He is known for such hits as “Party”, “Tears”, “Letter”, “For you”. The contractor has been the winner of the Russian music awards.