By sentence of the revolutionary carnival

By sentence of the revolutionary carnival

Comrades and enemies of Hugo Chavez in unison to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his coming to power.


The Venezuelan government celebrated 20 years of the inauguration of the President of the Republic, Hugo Chavez, and, consequently, the beginning of the Bolivarian revolution. To the anniversary date the country was on the brink of civil war. So on Saturday on the streets of Venezuelan cities will not only Pro-government parties festive demonstrations, but the self-proclaimed supporters of President Juan, Guido.

The leader of the opposition I am sure that in limbo the country will be long and will help her support of the West, which increases the pressure on Caracas. Moscow still considers the legitimate leader Nicolas Maduro, but yesterday in the Kremlin was given to understand that counting on “mutually beneficial cooperation” with Venezuela “regardless of the political situation” there. To establish cooperation with Russia has tried and Huang Guido.

With a revolutionary attitude

“On Saturday celebrates twenty years of the Bolivarian revolution, and I’m not staying home. Let’s go out to the Avenue Bolivar in Caracas to defend our victory against the attacks of imperialism,” he urged citizens Diosdado Cabello, the head of the Constitutional Assembly (created by chavistas in 2017 and controlled their Parliament).

2 February 1999 as President of Venezuela joined Hugo Chavez, proclaiming the beginning of drastic economic and social changes of the left wing — of the Bolivarian revolution. It is, as do not tire of repeating to the authorities, continues to this day.

However, another part of Venezuelan society in these days is involved in another revolution. Today in dozens of cities across the country held mass rallies in support of Juan, Guido — opposition politician, who on 23 January declared himself interim head of state. He said that security forces tried to intimidate him and members of his family, but the action is not hurt. “Our answer is clear: we will continue to go out into the streets, demanding free elections”, — he said, coming to the journalists with 20-month-old daughter.

The confidence of Mr. Guido in his coming victory is due, in particular, growing support in the international arena. Although to agree a common EU position over the recognition of Juan, Guido legitimate leader failed, yesterday the head of European diplomacy Federica Mogherini following the meeting of the foreign Ministers talked about the possibility of expanding blacklist, which includes supporters of Nicolas Maduro.

42фотографии42фотографии42фотографиипри that MS Mogherini added that all sanctions — both active, future — directed not against the Venezuelan people, but against “specific individuals who use violence and destroy democracy.”

The most resolutely set up USA — this country was the first to support Juan, Guido. Yesterday, the US presidential Advisor for national security John Bolton said Washington did not rule out any options against Venezuela, however, talk of a possible military intervention is not.

While Washington plans to act through sanctions. Imposed this week on the restrictive measures (in particular, a ban on transactions with the state oil company PDVSA) in the United States is primarily the concern of Venezuelan citizens. “Our policy is the protection of assets that rightly belong to the Venezuelan people. And in this case President Juan Guido and the National Assembly (controlled by the enemies of chavismo.— “B”), which the people are”, — said on Thursday the assistant Secretary of state for Western hemisphere Affairs Kimberly brayer. According to her, the us government “will continue to take steps to protect these assets.”

These new sanctions are much tougher than the previous limit, which the US imposed on the country, says programme Director, Russian Council for international Affairs Ivan Timofeev.

Earlier we were talking about limitations on the purchase of debt with a maturity of more than 90 days. And now the us legal and physical persons with Venezuela are generally prohibited from dealing.Ivan Timofeeffressovsky Director of the Russian international Affairs Council

“There were, of course, issued a General license, according to which exceptions were made, and oil can be purchased, but the money will be transferred to a certain account and not in the Venezuelan government”.

Nicholas Maduro is practically not possible to respond to these sanctions effectively, explains Ivan Timofeev. “They have the power to stop oil supplies to the U.S. and to show that actually control the situation. But the money he will not get, — says the expert.— The Americans will have problems, the southern States would have difficulty in obtaining raw materials for processing, but Maduro that their problems will not solve”.

Trying to find a way out of the situation at least a little to replenish foreign currency reserves, the Venezuelan government decided to part with some of its gold reserves. Anyway, on Thursday announced the Agency Reuters with reference to anonymous sources in Caracas, who says: the Central Bank of the Republic plans in the coming days to sell UAE about 15 tons of gold, and all the Emirates will be sold 29 tons. On the same day, “Novaya Gazeta” published an article, where he suggested that over the past two weeks, a cargo plane the Boeing 757 of the Russian private airline “Erofey” had twice taken to Caracas for the cash, possibly derived from sales in the UAE were kept in Russia Venezuelan gold.

Maduro not only needs foreign paramilitary support to hold the remaining threads of his failed dictatorship, but reports indicated that exports from the assets of Venezuelan aircraft. It steals resources from the people to pay for Russian intervention.John Bolton (Twitter)Advisor to the President for national security

In Moscow deny information how about sending to Venezuela of Russian mercenaries and engage in transactions with the Venezuelan gold. “Neither the Kremlin nor the government to it have no relation” — has assured yesterday the press-Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

Dependence on military

Despite the impact of sanctions on the economy, in the Venezuelan conflict “the key to resolving the situation is in the hands of the army,” explains “b” Dean of the economic faculty of PFUR Yuri Moseikin. “On the one hand, the latest sanctions is the most serious blow to the Venezuelan economy, he says. And Washington does not cost anything to derail the entire economy, because the bulk of the exports of Venezuelan oil goes through the United States.” On the other hand, by means of economic pressure the U.S. can’t achieve its main goal — to make Nicolas Maduro to go. “He declares his readiness to dialogue with the opposition, but its members do not want to meet and discuss problems. But if opponents of Maduro will not go to meet him, he will strictly act in line with its policy”, — the expert believes, explaining that to retire for the incumbent President is inadmissible.

Army, meanwhile, remains on the side of the President — despite the guarantee of Amnesty and secret meeting with Juan, Guido. However, the reason for this may be that the lack of financial pressure on the government, says the teacher of the naval College of the United States Naunihal Singh.

“All reports indicate that they (military.— “B”) pays well,” says the expert on Twitter, calling it a major factor in the Pro-government army positions. He also adds that the leaders of the armed forces “can be ideologically tied to Maduro”.

This thesis agrees and Yuri Moseikin. “The military is still under Hugo Chavez have become quite a privileged layer, — it reminds.— And all the leaders took their positions thanks to Chavez and Maduro and are committed to their policies”. “At the same time, I doubt the strength of the Bolivarian ideology, if the generals will stop paying their money,” continues Naunihal Singh, suggesting: Juan Guido trying to offer them “a better deal”, but his proposal “may not be credible”. “In place of Maduro I would now agree with Russia and China on the supply of food low military ranks, and that would be enough to get them to believe that to continue to support the government more profitable,” concludes Mr. Singh.