The Russians will hang smart meters for gas

The Russians will hang smart meters for gas

The devices will be transmitting data on fuel consumption in real time directly to the management company that will help to avoid explosions.

How does it work? Went out the griddle, counter reels cubic meters of extra gas, and it immediately notice in a management company. Data available in real time through a special obschedomovoe network. To avoid accidents, the utility block the gas. Everywhere in the house. And rightly so, according to the Chairman of the Duma Committee on housing policy and housing Galina Khovanskaya.

These systems react to the situation the appearance here of this unnecessary volume of gas, the extra. To the extent that if possible, include extra ventilation, and the reaction is instantaneous, remote, but turns off the whole house.Galina Hovasapian of the state Duma Committee on housing policy and housing and communal services

“I believe that such systems in new buildings is 100% necessary to install. But just as the risk — the old housing stock. Already have the legislative initiative. In the list of compulsory works which must be carried out at overhaul. That is, it is 100% guaranteed”.

Smart meters remote control, for example to water and light, already not the first year installed in new homes by developers. With old houses with gas is more complicated. If the repair of the house will be only ten years later, the tenants offered to purchase a special plate, which stops supply of gas when the burner extinguished. Superstition on light and water in these homes while isn’t worth the wait, says chief editor of “HOUSE and YARD”, the expert of the Higher school of economy Pavel Stepura:

“What applies to smart meters and any other options, this is a common approach, shared wishlist. Moreover, it is not clear who will Finance. Because, on the one hand, for the residents was the fundamental issue — it’s smart meters or smart — no, and that means spending some big money on the purchase and installation of smart meters for residents is inappropriate. It will give nothing to them”.

If it will give some benefit, such as resource-supplying organizations, then if they had benefits, so, at his own expense and put. How it will look when will be released some at least of the draft regulations.Pavel Stepura, the expert of the Higher school of Economics

But while few people versed in the regulatory framework, which is being used by scammers. Muscovite Natalia called kind of Tatiana, was presented the employee of the centre and said that from this moment from their house does not accept the data from individual meters. This is supposedly necessary for the installation of new smart devices, mandatory for all. However, prior service cost and other details is not reached.

“I was told that I will contact the chief engineer of the company, a certain Mrs. Sokolowski, and appoint the time of the visit the technician who will be these counters to install. I asked the contact number of this lady Sokolovsky, and the operator me it refused to provide. Said that all the details you can figure out in the DCP. Called, apparently arbitrarily, 18th window and made a mistake in the exact location of our DCP. Nevertheless, I decided to make sure that this is not entirely legal representative of the government, and went to the housing office. Asked whether the staff of our management company chief engineer by the name of Sokolov. Our technician on duty said that such a chief engineer he does not know. My neighbors in the area say that they proposed the installation of those smart meters for the price of 6 thousand rubles.”

The only information on the timing of the introduction of smart meters is only in the words of Deputy Minister of energy of Anastasia Bondarenko. So, in 2021, if necessary, replace counter be sure you put smart. And it will save time, will account for the difference in tariffs depending on the time of day, and the data cannot be intercepted. In any case, while there were no precedents.