Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman made up and announced it on the Network

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman made up and announced it on the Network

But fans doubt.

2017 fans of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are following in social networks, how these two Troll each other at every opportunity. But I think all of these jokes came to an end.

The actors are simultaneously published to Twitter sharing the picture, which shake hands. Reynolds and Jackman also said that after the reconciliation they will do the commercial: Hugh will advertise Aviation gin, which belongs to Ryan, and Ryan will star in a coffee commercial of the Laughing Man Coffee, owned by Hugh.

Official truce! I’m going to make the most amazing ad for Aviation Gin. And, look forward to seeing what @Vancityreynolds comes up with in return. pic.twitter.com/5org88yNgL

— Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) January 31, 2019

An official truce! I’m going to do the best advertising for Aviation Gin. And look forward to that Ryan Reynolds will offer me in return.

Official truce with @realhughjackman! As a gesture of goodwill, I’m gonna make a beautiful ad for his company, Laughing Man Coffee. Can’t wait! pic.twitter.com/M91iBBydO7

— Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) January 31, 2019

Official truce with Hugh Jackman! As a gesture of goodwill I will make a nice advertising for his company, Laughing Man Coffee. I can’t wait!

Fans of such news came to the delight and began to make romantic fotozhaby. However, there were those that did not believe in the sincerity of feelings of the actors, suggesting that one of them seized another hostage.


— shitty watercolour (@SWatercolour) January 31, 2019

We love coffee

I was inspired pic.twitter.com/RhXQ9VONgw

— Bisexual Disaster Prince (@danecparsons) February 1, 2019

Friendship with Jake over. Now Hugh is my best friend.

In addition, fans saw the hint of a new film with Wolverine and Dedpula or shared between the project actors.

Best buddies of the year award goes to @VancityReynolds @RealHughJackman pic.twitter.com/t51VGbZJhk

— சா. ஆகாஷ் (@SNKAKASH007) January 31, 2019

And the award for the best friendship of the year goes to Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds.

Is this a sequel of this meme? pic.twitter.com/Xc92CrJ1dV

— Ale ?? (@lucifersavocado) January 31, 2019

Is that a continuation of this meme here?

Recall that in January 2019 netizens have compared Hugh Jackman’s wife Ryan Reynolds actress Blake lively.

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