Cult Soviet group took over Putin and Maduro

Cult Soviet group took over Putin and Maduro

English-speaking YouTube users jokingly compared the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with members of the Soviet musical group “the Alliance”. On the detected similarity of the users write in the comments to the video on YouTube.

Commentators have noted that the keyboard player of group “the Alliance” Oleg parastayev is very similar to the Maduro, and soloist of Igor Zhuravlev — Putin. One user reported that “I came to see Putin and Maduro, but stayed because of the music.”

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Many users appreciated not only the extravagant appearance of the musicians, but also the very composition of the group. Some English commentators joked that “it’s time to unite the group again.” In turn, Russian users have left many comments in which nostalgia for his youth and the hits of the Soviet music scene of the 1980s.

Video of the speech with the song “At dawn” 1987, posted on YouTube, the band’s keyboardist Oleg parastayev.