Canadians unravel the mystery drawn on the snow bear

Canadians unravel the mystery drawn on the snow bear

People wonder how the author managed to give him a belly button.

In Montreal on the frozen ice of the canal de Lachine appeared funny bear, the author of the trampled snow underfoot.

Have bears not only the body, but the eyes, nose, mouth and navel. It’s the part of the body called the social network the greatest number of questions. Users have a few days wondering how the artist managed to make a belly button, because no tracks nearby (about two meters to the edge of the shape) was found.

Wholesome snow art on the Lachine canal ❤ it’s amazing

— Kate McKenna (@katemckenna8) January 30, 2019

According to one version, the navel is done with snowballs. Another hypothesis is the drone, that could reset in the center of the figure an object.

Another assumption is that the navel appeared before the bear, whose body could to finish later. But so far none of the versions has not been confirmed.

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