Dead man’s chest. If involved in Russia for the sale of Venezuelan gold

Dead man’s chest. If involved in Russia for the sale of Venezuelan gold

Could Russia take part of zolotoshvei Venezuela as collateral for investment and to act as an intermediary in its sale.

Central Bank of Venezuela sells gold to replenish foreign exchange reserves, reports Reuters. According to the source, 15 tons of the precious metal and prepare it for shipping to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In February must be implemented by 29 tonnes of crude gold.

Information on the sale of gold reserves had grown close to controversial assumptions. So, a mediator between Venezuela and the UAE can speak in Russia: “Novaya Gazeta” wrote that on January 31 from Vnukovo airport in Dubai went Boeing 757 airlines “Erofey”, allegedly loaded with Venezuelan gold. There is metal could be exchanged for cash, after which the plane went down in Caracas. It is noted that this is the second flight to Caracas over the past decade.

January 30, the Venezuelan national Assembly (consisting mainly of the opposition) said that the head of the local CB Calixto Ortega intends to take the gold reserves in Moscow, and that the metal has already arrived the plane. However called a different model — the Boeing 777.

According to “Novaya Gazeta”, and by January the Russian Central Bank kept about 30 tons of Venezuelan gold. The Central Bank Chairman Elvira Nabiullina denied the information.

NewsPrecious cargo remains unknown

The United States urged Russia and other countries not to enter into deals with the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on oil or gold. A senior official of the Washington administration, quoted by Reuters, said that it was an attempt of theft belonging to the country of assets.

Russia has rejected assumptions about the role of mediation in the sale of gold. “Neither the Kremlin nor the government to it have no relation”, — said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. However, he noted that to carry out transactions on its gold reserves — a sovereign right of Venezuela.