As a cemetery in Cambodia has become a small village (video)

As a cemetery in Cambodia has become a small village (video)

The door with the dead residents did not bother.

Near the capital of Cambodia Phnom Penh is an extraordinary place — a village cemetery. First, there simply buried the dead, but in the 80-ies of the last century moved here, the residents of one of the nearby villages.

The coast, which was their village, washed away with water, and people decided to settle in the cemetery. Now among the two hundred graves are about five hundred people, and their way of life is no different from people in other places.

More alive than dead: Cambodian village cemeteryAt boot time the error occurred.

According to locals, at first they were afraid the spirits of the dead, and some even communicate with them. But now everything is fine here. The villagers respect the dead who are buried here and caring for their graves.

Despite the fact that moving the inhabitants of an unusual village is not want, they ask the local authorities to improve their living conditions in the cemetery.

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