American cleared the snow from the car your child (video)

American cleared the snow from the car your child (video)

Everyone liked it.

In Ohio is now a real fierce winter: the thermometer dipped below -30 degrees and everything was covered with snow. But this weather is not a hindrance to a good mood.

A resourceful American decided to clean the car from snow and also to play with my son, and therefore used the baby instead of the scraper. As it turned out, the movie was shot mom. In the comments she said that her husband went with her son to play outside, and she asked them to clean the car. After a while the husband returned home and took the duct tape that wrapped the wrists and ankles of the child, so that the snow didn’t hit him under the clothes.

Then he laid his son on the roof of the car and began to clear them of snow. The baby squealed with delight.

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