Woven from centuries

Woven from centuries

Photo of a remote mountain region of Dagestan, where with his own hands the women create intricate patterns famous Tabasaran carpets like generations of their ancestors.


Woolen carpets — a real brand the Tabasaran district of Dagestan. Their history goes back many centuries: from generation to generation Tabasaran girls trained.

Gradually, the fishery went into decline: to compete with machine production difficult.

However, still in the mountains women were employed, their hands turning sheep’s wool into a slim and durable patterned fabric.

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Among them — masters of the villages of Sertel and Urzig. They were United in two “cooperative” resident Tertile Achanum Ramazanova. She finds customers, leads negotiations with them, taking the work of other women and paying them. As with everything, Achanum learned carpet weaving from childhood.

Women work at home. One masters of the house band is machine — and all the others come to her to weave. Carpet work from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 18:00 to 22:00 PM. In this mode, three or four women cope with rug, 5 by 3.5 meters in four months.

Wool, despite the fact that Dagestan is a Russian leader in the number of sheep, bought in Moscow. Using artificial dyes, natural no longer work. Woven from worsted yarn — she’s not fat and not fluffy. Worsted rug that is both density and fineness. To “lift” the carpet for 10 centimeters, the masters have to be 46 rows of thread. The finished product is like glitters and shimmers.

Usually these rugs are bought as a dowry for daughters.

And even with a considerable price — 55-150 thousand depending on the size of the product in demand.

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Limat 14 years. She comes from school, eats lunch and sits down to help adults

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Women weave a carpet with a pattern “jurusan”. Its length is 4 meters, width is 2.2 meters. Village Urzig

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Achanum Ramazanova (standing in the center of the image). She occasionally travels from his native village in Sertel Urzig to monitor the work

Zarema Алиева13/14

Gulzada Ramazanova from Khuchni already retired. She was engaged in carpet weaving since childhood. I managed to work on a long-defunct carpet factory in his native village

Zarema Алиева14/14

Gulzada house is full of carpets in different colors and types. Favorite carpet — woven his dowry

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