Retired mathematics invented a legal way to constantly win the lottery

Retired mathematics invented a legal way to constantly win the lottery

And became millionaires.

Jerry and Marge Selby of the U.S. state of Michigan many years ran a small shop, until one day Jerry saw a brochure about a new lottery game called Winfall.

How a retired couple found lottery odds in their favor

— CBS News (@CBSNews) January 28, 2019.

According to the rules of the lottery when the jackpot reaches five million, and the winning six numbers no one finds it, all money is divided between those participants who matched five, four or three digits on your ticket.

Jerry, who has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, found that in 57 tickets, which he buys for $ 1,100, will be 18 or 19 tickets with three matching numbers and one with four. Winning three numbers he will receive $ 50, and the combination of four digits will bring him a thousand.

Thus, he can earn almost twice more than spend.NewsAmerican won $15 million in instant lottery

Deciding to test his theory, retired people bought tickets for $ 3,600 and won $ 6,300. And away we go.

Jerry and Marge a few years spent on lottery tickets in hundreds of thousands of dollars, and then even started a company for like-minded people who bought tickets in batches, and received a handsome profit. According to the pensioners, per year on the lottery, they spend more than $ 4 million, but can easily return these amounts are almost twice the size.