In shared help in everyday life amazing discoveries

In shared help in everyday life amazing discoveries

Reddit users shared the tricks that they use constantly, learning about them one day. The thread gathered more than 12 thousand reviews and has become one of the fastest growing on Reddit. Users give advice on home and vehicle, and also suggest psychological techniques.

A user with the nickname orbesomebodysfool remembered how he helped read many years ago an article in the New York Times. It said that people with weak ligaments of the ankles should be the moment to stand on one foot, stretching his arms up and eyes closed. Dedicating this procedure six minutes a day, orbesomebodysfool got rid of the constant ankle sprains.

News, the British shared in the Network strange winter life hack

One of the most siliconix reviews on how to clean the carpet from spilled wax on it. The user phyx8 recommended to iron the wax using a damp towel. One of the most popular was a hack on the management machine.

“I was told when reversing you can put your hand on the bottom of the steering wheel, because then the direction in which you move your hand in that direction and will move the car, unlike the position of the hands on top,” writes Rugarroo. “Oh my God, I desperately wanted to know about this before”, — he meets the driver of the trailer.