Experts have found that drinking champagne you need only with fries

Experts have found that drinking champagne you need only with fries

Everyone intuitively assumed that the potatoes will go with everything.

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So, we were pleased to hear that recently, Marie-Christine Asselin, quality Manager and communications for wine company Moët & Chandon, told The Drinks Business that she considers French fries one of the best products for combining with a glass of champagne.

According to Asselin, “salinity” and “crunchiness” French fries are the perfect complement to the delicate champagne bubbles and zesty acidity.

In fact, one of the most famous snacks at Sylvain in New Orleans is ordering champagne and French fries. “Perfect combination” champagne and French fries as described on the menu, $ 50, or $ 90 for a small or large portion.

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The owner Sylvain, Sean McCusker came to this idea at the event, Veuve Clicquot, where one of the “main guys” of companies engaged in champagne, told him that, according to Eater New Orleans, his “fries” — it’s his favorite snack to champagne.

“The next day we went with a friend to the event, where Anthony Bourdain was a chef and did what I considered the best French fries in new York,” said McCusker Eater. “We ordered a plate and a bottle of champagne. Each of us grabbed, put potatoes in his mouth and watered it down with a SIP of champagne, and it was a revelation.”

“I’ve said it for years, like many sommeliers,” said Isle, in an interview with Food & Wine this week. “In fact, salt and fat, as well as a large amount of acid and bubbles is a great combination.”