Chubais proposed to replace Zakharov at Buzova

Chubais proposed to replace Zakharov at Buzova

The head of “RUSNANO” Anatoly Chubais offered to do the official representative of the MFA of Russia the Russian singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova.

An appropriate statement of the top Manager did the radio station Business FM.

According to Chubais, he underestimated the skill of Maria Zakharova, when he joined with her in the controversy about the low level of Russian citizens ‘ welfare:

It should be promoted further in this direction, it’s just great. I don’t know, somewhere in the “House-2” leading, it would be brilliant for her new challenge, and there I think people will be shocked. (…) And Buzova, on the contrary, we need the foreign Ministry to promote.

The head of RUSNANO noted a large number of subscribers at the presenter in Instagram. From this he concluded that His is the most popular among the population than Zakharov. “I’m sure it [His] will be able to conduct these briefings with journalists, the people burst just will,” he concluded.

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“I don’t know what it [the answer Chubais] more: vulgarity or error, but surely one thing — they are in absolute harmony,” wrote Zakharova in response.

The controversy between Chubais and Zakharova arose after the speech of the head “Rosnano” on January 16 at the Gaidar forum in which he reasoned about the ineffectiveness of the current system in the country of supply, said that a significant part of the population lives in poverty. Zakharov did not agree with the statement Chubais and pointed to his involvement in the phenomena in the Russian economy. Diplomat and top Manager exchanged a few more statements about each other, and then on January 21 last acknowledged the victory of the official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs.