Frozen lake Baikal turned into a large “entertainment complex” (video)

Frozen lake Baikal turned into a large “entertainment complex” (video)

Scuba diving, skating and hot tea on the ice.

The deepest lake in the world in winter, continues to attract thousands of tourists. Locals even call it the great ice attraction. This is not surprising.

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First, you can go on skates, and, secondly, to admire the ever-changing pattern on the ice, which in some places is absolutely transparent and offers stunning views of the bottom of the lake.

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By the way, because of seismic activity in the area, the ice continues to move constantly, but because every day on its surface is formed a completely new pattern. Ice movement is accompanied by the rattling dull noises, which, however, does not scare the tourists.

Another winter activity here is diving professional. The fact that tons of water solidify to form a real ice underwater city with trails and caves.

To enjoy the frozen lake will run until mid-March. After that ice begins to change its structure, and be located on the surface of the lake would be very dangerous.

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