Why do we never see baby pigeons. Are they hiding them?

Why do we never see baby pigeons. Are they hiding them?

Meets Julia A. Dunaeva, zoologist, researcher of the library of the Zoological Institute RAS, speaker, SOURCE, writer and popularizer, the author of 12 books.

In the summer we often see in the pond a Mallard with ducklings, can hear the cawing of fallen out of the nest of the crow or stumble upon inexperienced fledgling Blackbird in the Park. Pigeons in any city flock to the view is always the same adults, and there are no apparent signs that they are little children — naked, short-tailed and flightless. But not robots are they, which has already gathered ready for Mature life?

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In fact, no secrets here. People who, for whatever reasons, have often in the attics of multistory buildings, certainly could have something to tell us about pigeon babies. But 50 years ago, when Housewives were dried in the attics of linen, and the boys played hide and seek, a about this question just laughed. Pigeon Chicks? What’s so unusual?

Recently hatched from eggs gays — creation, which to many will seem ugly. The less likely they will be similar to the usual us urban rock doves perched. They bird not very similar — rather some covered with sparse yellow hair pterodactyls with pathologically huge purple eyes and swollen pink noses.