The sculpture of the devil, making a selfie, and provoked protests in Spain

The sculpture of the devil, making a selfie, and provoked protests in Spain

The locals were against it.

In the Spanish city of Segovia, the protests began because of the devil. Sculptor Jose Antonio Abella created the figure of a smiling devil who makes a selfie against the background of the famous Roman aqueduct.

How a selfie-snapping statue of the devil has raised the ire of Segovia locals.

— Spain Buddy (@SpainBuddy) January 15, 2019.

According to local legend, the aqueduct in one night had to build the devil in exchange for the soul of a young girl. But the beauty repented of his deal with the impure forces and asked for God’s help. In the end, the devil was deceived and did not finish construction before the sunrise. In anger he attempted to destroy the aqueduct and left the imprints of their horns on some stones.

Diabolical liberty? Anger over the Spanish city’s ‘friendly’ devil.

Petition launched over Segovia sculpture on grounds it is not ‘repulsive’ enough.

— Guido Motshagen (@jGuidoM_twit) January 15, 2019.

The legend for tourists in Segovia guides tell, and therefore it is logical that the sculpture is hell on the background of the aqueduct seemed to the sculptor and local authorities is a good idea.

But residents were against it. More than 5,400 people — about 10% of the population — signed a petition calling to cancel the installation figures.

Update on Segovia”s “friendly devil” – pro-statue petition here:

— Sam Jones (@swajones) January 15, 2019.

Some even came to protest the building of the local administration. They felt that smiling devil with the phone looks too cute and funny, though I have to push people away and be grossed out. But because the sculpture offends the Catholic faith.

Below is a bronze sculpture of Satan in Segovia, Spain. Some residents say the devil – who is smiling & taking a selfie – looks too friendly & are going to court over it! No one has met Satan yet he is coloured black. Why can’t Satan be white or any other colour? Why the horns!?

— Suleiman Nchi (@NchiSuleiman) January 15, 2019.

Because of active protests, the court suspended further work on the installation pieces, to “all the circumstances”.

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