Named the most popular breed and pet names in Russia

Named the most popular breed and pet names in Russia

MOSCOW, January 17. /TASS/ — According to the survey, dog owners give preference to nicknames Bonia, Jesse and Archie, the owners of cats often referred to as Pets Musey and Whiskers.

The most popular names of Pets in Musya and whiskers for cats and Bonia and Jesse for dogs. This is evidenced by data survey project Pets available to the TASS.

It is noted that the survey polled the owners of 4 288 of 732 dogs and 6 cats. The study was conducted on the basis of questionnaires completed by users of the project Pets.

“The most popular names of dogs and cats are: cat, snow leopard, Basil, Simon and ginger. In the top of the name of the dog entered Bonia, Jesse, Archie, Jack and Rex”, the message reads.

According to the survey, in ranking of popular dog breeds 2018 lead Yorkshire Terriers — they live in 8% of the breeders. Followed by German shepherd (5%), Chihuahua (5%), Labrador retrievers (4%) and taxes (4%).

As for cats, most owners give birth a British Shorthair (8%), Scottish fold (5%), Maine Coon (3%), Siberian (2%) and Persian (2%).

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