The suspect in the murder of the mayor of Gdansk Pavel Adamovich arrested

The suspect in the murder of the mayor of Gdansk Pavel Adamovich arrested

What is known about the assailant.

In Gdansk, Poland the court was arrested for three months accused of the murder of the mayor. 27-year-old man was attacked by Pavel Adamovic on Sunday. Right during a charity concert he ran out on stage, where he played a politician, and inflicted several wounds, one of them is in the region of the heart. In the night of Monday Adamovich underwent a five-hour operation and then was in the ICU. However, the doctors were unable to save him. On Monday evening thousands of residents of gdańsk came to the main square of the city to say goodbye to the mayor.

NewsPolish Russophile: the mayor of Gdansk died after the assassination attempt

According to media reports, the attacker was previously prosecuted for Bank robbery, said the journalist of the Polish newspaper Wyborcza Waclaw Radziwinowicz: “In Poland it was a special day for 27 years here is “the Great orchestra of Christmas aid”. This is a charity event in which people, primarily young people, facing the street and collect money. In this participated and gdańsk. The President is the head of the city — along with all collected money on the streets, and then performing for the final concert. Suddenly on the scene ran a young man, 27 years old, with a soldier’s knife three times and hit the President in the chest. It is reported that he is a felon with guns in the hands of a Bank robber, sat five years in prison, tried three times to obtain PAROLE. I think he was pretending to be mentally ill to be released. After the attack on Paul Adamovic, the man raised his hands up and shouted that he was innocent sat in jail and “Civil platform” — the party functionary who had been the President of gdańsk, he was tortured. All we can say, in shock. People gathered in almost all major cities of Poland, it is standing against hate”.

Gdansk is located approximately 160 km from Kaliningrad. According to the Polish Central statistical office, each year hundreds of thousands of Russian tourists, mainly from the Kaliningrad region visited the country.

As the resident of the region and Director of the Foundation “Regional strategy” Solomon Ginzburg, Gdansk for many has become almost a second home for local residents, the death of Pavel Adamovich is a big tragedy:

The newsBroke on of the mayor of gdańsk explained their actions revenge for the torture in prison

“In Kaliningrad knew him, perhaps more than local mayors, who in comparison with him, to put it mildly, can not withstand criticism neither from the standpoint of professionalism, from the point of view of decency. Paul Adamovich was first and foremost a pragmatist and understood that the zloty and the ruble, regardless of the high political winds that were blowing last years, vote for cooperation. So Kaliningradians came to Gdansk as a home, a good jealous the residents of the city. Last year the incident occurred, when some local hooligans stabbed tourists the tires on the car. Then Paul Adamovich did not hesitate to apologize, and under him all of these figures were found, punished. He knew Russian language, Russian culture, 20 years, led gdańsk. It is a great loss. Adamovich always found ways that political contradictions of the macro-scale retreat even for a second, and the fifth plan, and has always been dominated by good nature, good neighborhood, not flashy, in practice. I hope that the successor will continue his policy of good neighbourliness”.

In memory of the mayor of Gdansk in Warsaw announced three days of mourning. Earlier, the mayor of the Polish capital Rafal Trzaskowski appealed to citizens via Twitter with an appeal to these “three days became days of reflection”.