The chamber has assessed the availability of the system-112 in Russian

The chamber has assessed the availability of the system-112 in Russian

Currently, the system 112 can fully take advantage of only 28% of Russia’s population who live in the 15% of the country. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the accounts chamber Vera Chistova, whose word brings the press service of the Ministry.

These data were obtained on the audit of the Federal program “Creation of a system providing emergency call services under uniform number “112” in the Russian Federation for 2013-2017″, which come from the budgets of all levels allocated more than 14 billion rubles.

As a result of check it was found that in 73 regions of Russia-112-deployed completely.

“At present its possibilities to fully benefit from can only 28% of the population living in the 15% of the country”, — are reported words of the Deputy Chairman of the accounts chamber of the Finishing Faith.

According to Fine, the system to date deployed not fully because of deficiencies in interagency cooperation, in particular, due to the insufficient level of digital integration with the departmental on-call services.

Thus, the system 112 does not allow to transmit data to an emergency call in service “01”, “02” and “03” in the automated mode in 17 regions of Russia, leading to increased response time to the challenge.

In addition, the slow implementation of the program affected by the funding cuts that have decreased several times compared to the original concept.

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“This marked decline of funding, 65 billion rubles to 11 billion rubles in its final form, including the means of the subjects — suggests that the focus of this program from year to year has decreased,” — said Chistova.

She noted that in such conditions of reduced funding, the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia has not taken effective measures to raise funds from extrabudgetary sources and regional budgets for implementation of the program.