Russia accused in the implementation of Butenai in USA

Russia accused in the implementation of Butenai in USA

The Russian Maria Butina, accused the US of involvement in the conspiracy business in favor of a foreign state, was introduced into the American establishment, with the approval of the Kremlin. This is stated in the report of the American special services, which read the publication the Daily Beast.

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It is noted that the report was published in 2018, however, its existence and content were not previously reported. The document refers took place in 2015, well before the us presidential elections of 2016.

The report shows that oversaw the implementation of Butynol former Senator and ex-Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Alexander Torshin, supporting the National rifle Association (NSA) of the United States. On his contacts with this organization and he informed the Kremlin.

He also urged Russian officials to take part in the operation with the Americans. In particular, the man offered to someone from the office of Russian President Vladimir Putin to take part in the meeting with representatives of the NSA, which a trip to Moscow Butina and Torshin organized in 2015.

Allegedly, the Russian foreign Ministry did not object to the classes Torshina, since the contacts in conservative circles would be valuable in case of victory of the Republicans in the presidential election. In addition, the report States that Russian officials discussed the possibility to involve the Embassy in Washington to work with the Americans through the NSA.

13 December 2018 Butina, located in an American prison, the court confessed that he worked as a foreign agent under the leadership of the Russian state official without the consent of the Prosecutor General of the United States. Then she softened conditions.