Cute thread: web users show their favorite soft toys

Cute thread: web users show their favorite soft toys

And many are still sleeping.

Small children love to sleep cuddling with soft toys, but it turns out, this habit of eating, and many adults.

A Twitter user under the name great pretender said that still cannot sleep without his Teddy cat. She put his photo and asked followers to share your “Pets”, without which a good night’s sleep is simply impossible. And this topic was close to many people.


Have you ever just woke up to find them because they are not in your hands, they lie on the floor and staring directly into the soul and you simply: God no, please no don’t cry, you’re so sweet, I love you So Much,forgive me

— great pretender ?CATIA /Queen family ? (@ilyzsm) 12 Jan 2019

How about the fact that you have thrown pictures of their toys/cushions
*my well-worn cat who is about 10 years*

— great pretender ?CATIA /Queen family ? (@ilyzsm) 13 Jan 2019.

In the comments people started to post pictures of favorite soft toys and telling stories of great friendship with them.

I’ve got a man out of pillows and blankets , and before I slept with a soft toy tiger but he is always there. In short, meet Anton

— chips fiksprays (@Isteri_ka_a) 13 Jan 2019.

Are you sure you want to see a miracle(wise) with whom I sleep?
Come on, sound on maximalise

The world? (@AddictGenevieve) 13 Jan 2019.

I did about 13 years sleeping with the same toy without it in any gate at all, now and forever my partner in the dream???

— MoonFnaferQ (@Moon_FnaferQ) 13 Jan 2019.

Two plush, but rather more sudakovsky dog stuffed with sawdust. Them 30 years.
And two cats who, for 12 years.


— Evil with a brush (@Stas_Mudretskiy) 13 Jan 2019.

The nameless bear 12-13 years old, he witnessed nearly all of my tears and injuries. Inside, cool beads, which can be paramcache. Pepper the penguin and Panda Nico from the intersection, they couple of months. This toy ramkali, they have inside something like a bag with air, kaef. My friends :3

— Alice Law (@alicelaw_devil) 13 Jan 2019.

The elephant, who helps me through all the difficult situations and terrible dark night:3
PS my Husband still jealous

— Cookie monster on meth (@obdolbanoe) 13 Jan 2019.

Dmitry❤ it’s amazing

— pumpkin named Dasha (@rikkkaru) 13 Jan 2019.

today woke up at night and trying to figure out what’s wrong. and then I realized: my akulka oxy fell to the floor, I saw, she almost fell :SS

immediately picked it up and started to apologize((

— Senia (@vvlse) 13 Jan 2019.

His name is Bady. And for 30 years he’s my brave comrade in the fight against nightmares and just companion in watching Noir movies before bed)

— Teddy Whitebear (@Lin_Nakatsu) 13 Jan 2019.

tiger cub for over 13 years
gave when very small was
he has a slight squint, but he’s still damn cute
dog with sad look too old
I love to hug her??

I’m a little kid in the shower

— кофемано4ка (@Lena56605018) 13 Jan 2019.

I sleep with 4 toys and covered each his head so no one would feel slighted and embrace all

— raccoon JI (@pllleurnicher) January 14, 2019.

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