Do not shake hands with the captain! Amazing rules for cruise ships

Do not shake hands with the captain! Amazing rules for cruise ships

MOSCOW, 13 Jan — RIA Novosti. Cruise ships are considered ideal places for recreation, sightseeing and entertainment, but on many ships, passengers have to comply with some pretty strict rules, according to Insider.

Some rules, for example, a ban on the wearing of jeans, might shock the passengers and seem absurd.

There are restrictions on the use of alcohol, and the attention given to the staff of the liners.

The pool is on the passport

One of the major American cruise companies are allowed to use the pool only for adults — people over the age of sixteen. For those who are more than three and less than seventeen, there is a separate pool.

Childish thing

There are travel designed primarily for adults. So, a company that specializiruetsya sailing cruises does not take on Board children under eight years of age, and any guest under the age of 21 on the trip must be accompanied by a guest aged 25 years and older.

In most companies there is a ban on cruises for women in late pregnancy.

You can’t fly and ride

Several cruise companies are prohibited from use on Board the drones, rolling on the deck on gyrometer, bicycles, and even to use shoes with wheels. The purpose of such restrictions is to protect from collisions unsuspecting passengers and employees of the liner. The company also generally prohibit passengers to fly kites on the deck of the ship.

No games and wine