In Russia sounded the alarm because of the riding rings

In Russia sounded the alarm because of the riding rings

In the program “Vesti” channel “Russia 1” on January 11 released a report about the dangers of tubing. In it, in particular, talking about the people who were injured, riding on the roads on cars is tied to the rings.

“What Russian does not love fast driving? On the Internet dozens of movies like cheesecake hooked to the cars and drive around on city streets and parks. In Chita after these races with heavy injuries in the hospital brought the six year old child”, — told the correspondent.

According to him, and without a hitch with the car “cheesecake” can accelerate up to 85 kilometers per hour.

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As noted in the report across Russia this winter documented hundreds of cases when citizens riding on cheesecakes from the hills, suffered injuries of varying severity; in addition, mentions and deaths. So, it is reported about the inhabitant of Perm, which when descending on the “cheesecake” hit the tree, fell into a coma and died.

In conclusion, journalists are warned about the dangers of tubing as when driving in the coupling with the machine and slides, but recognize that this entertainment remains one of the most popular for Russians in winter.

However the report says nothing about the benefits of this type of holiday: in the process of tubing a person commits the climbs, feeling useful cardio that develop the lungs and heart, but also beneficial to the muscles and improve coordination.