Ultimatum trump: the wall on the border with Mexico or the state of emergency?

Ultimatum trump: the wall on the border with Mexico or the state of emergency?

In the United States continues shutdown: White house stopped paying for water, as the secret service works for free.


Donald trump continues in the form of an ultimatum to demand release of 5.7 billion dollars for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico by refusing to sign the annual budget without the article. Yesterday the US President went to prove his position to the southern border of the country. Previously, trump has acted with the television reference to the nation in which once again repeated the thesis that all illegals are criminals.

According to the border service of the USA, the flow of illegal migrants on the border with Mexico last year increased by 30% compared with the 2017 year. However, both indicators (397 thousand and 304 thousand) are the historical minimum. For comparison: in 2000, this border was crossed illegally by 90%.

Those who trump previously called “caravan” are the children and women at risk at home. When crossing the border, these people are filing a petition for refugee status is a legal practice. For the new year and this flow is significantly reduced, illegally entering into the country to bypass the checkpoints. No visual signs of a humanitarian crisis, reporters went to the border together with Donald trump, did not notice. But there is an obvious crisis in relations of the President with the Democrats. As stated by trump during a trip, even China is easier to negotiate.

The caravan of migrants moving in США7 navaratnam spoke about the new border wall Мексикой28 Dec 2018Трамп said that the U.S. will not do more to help Honduras, Guatemala and Сальвадору26 Dec 2018В USA died another child-a migrant detained with his father

It’s hard not to recall how during a meeting with leaders of parliamentary Democrats trump said that this time he “proudly” will initiate a shutdown if it does not receive approval for funding the construction of a wall with Mexico.

If the President will impose a state of emergency, the wall will be built by the military, without waiting for congressional approval. However, in a situation when the existence of a crisis, to put it mildly, not obvious that such a decision can be blocked by the courts, says a democratic Congressman from Florida, a member of the legal Committee of the house of representatives Ted Deutch:

The President wants to take billions of dollars from the Fund allocated for the reconstruction of Puerto Rico after the hurricane. He wants to spend the money on fulfilling his campaign promise, which has nothing to do with national security.

Three weeks after the suspension of the government’s voice about the need to change the situation were heard from both sides. The leader of the democratic minority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer has proposed to resume the work of all government agencies, not related to the construction of the wall and then to continue negotiations on funding border security. Some Republicans led by Lindsey Graham also appealed to the President with his proposal on the termination of the shutdown, which also included the exclusion from the agenda of the immediate allocation of money on the wall.

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Meanwhile, due to the shutdown of the 900 thousand Federal employees, the United States forced to stay home. They don’t get paid, now their families are faced with financial difficulties. Some began to collect money online to pay for housing and utilities. Even worse to those whose work falls into the category of vital. For example, employees of the security service of airports needs to go to work, but the money for the days of the shutdown don’t get why some of them just took sick leave.

Among the injured, 13 thousand FBI agents and members of the presidential security, who also left without pay. To support civil servants, some restaurants offer them and their families free food, and the bars at the end of December for them, the menu appeared shots “Shutdown” for the price “happy hours” (five dollars upon presentation of ID).