Men are better than women remember the pain experienced

Men are better than women remember the pain experienced

And therefore more sensitive to new pain.

Canadian scientists conducted a series of experiments with mice and with humans and have found that the perception of pain depends on the floor. The memory of past pain increased subjective experience of pain in men (and male-mice) but not in women (and in female mice).News5 diseases that have different effects on men and women

In the first stage of the experiment, described in a new paper published in the journal Current Biology, humans and mice caused mild pain, applying a hot object to the forearm in humans and the hind foot in mice. The subjective feeling of the level of pain people are evaluated on a 100-point scale, and for mice put the marks depending on how quickly they moved away from the heat source. Almost immediately the subjects were hurt the second time. People asked for 20 minutes to do exercises with the hand, tightly constricted by the cuff (it was quite painful, only 7 out of 80 subjects were given a rating less than 50 points at stoballnoy scale). And mice injected with diluted acetic acid, that caused abdominal pain, lasting about half an hour.

The next day people were back in the same room, and the mice were placed in the same container. And repeated the first experiment with applying heat. The temperature was at the same level, but the subjective feeling of pain in men (male mice) was stronger than the first time and stronger than the female.

Scientists have suggested that’s the thing about memories and anticipation of new pain. To test this hypothesis, additional experiment part of the mice injected the drug that block of memory. In this case, repeat the experiment in the same container did not change the perception of pain.

The authors believe that the discovery will help to advance in the development of methods of struggle with chronic pain, since the great contribution this phenomenon makes it is the memory of pain (and its expectation, respectively).

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