Free life Skrypali: why Moscow does not believe the British

Free life Skrypali: why Moscow does not believe the British

Embassy of the Russian Federation called “stuffing” the publication of a new life Skrobala.


The publication of the British newspaper the Telegraph about the life of Sergei and Yulia Skrobala after poisoning in Salisbury was another “information spreading”, said the Russian Embassy in London. As noted in the press-service Agency, reports that Skrypali moved to the South of England and changed the appearance, is nothing more than speculation of people who “supposedly versed in the British secret service”. While London has not provided official data on the location Skrobala as evidence of Russian involvement in the poisoning.

The Russian Embassy in the UK commented on the recent article of the newspaper The Telegraph about the fate of ex-Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia.

Reporters citing sources suggested that Skrypali at the moment, may still live somewhere in the South of England. The sides of The Telegraph also noted that the refusal Skripal from public appearances, perhaps, stems from his unwillingness to reveal his current appearance. Julia, noted the sources, maintains contacts with some of his close friends from Russia, but to return to the homeland has no plans.

The statement by the press Secretary of the Russian Embassy noted that such reports are just not verifiable “information spreading”.

The Embassy emphasized that the information to The Telegraph about life Skrobala after poisoning based only on assumptions of people who supposedly know how to act in such cases, the British secret service.

“This is speculation, not worthy of serious comment,” reads the statement published on the Agency’s website.

The Telegraph in one of its publications, also said that British law enforcement officers found all the details of the assassination Skrobala, and, according to preliminary data, the poisoning allegedly involving a senior Russian leadership.

The Embassy of the Russian Federation noted that “no new facts about the circumstances of the incident in Salisbury, not to mention the evidence is not given. Thus, the picture of what happened is as confusing as before.”

So, the British side still has not provided “any evidence of involvement in the incident” suspects Ruslan Bashirov and Alexander Petrov, except for the fact that they passed within a few hundred meters from the house Skripal, said the Agency. London never told whether the surveillance camera at the house Skripal and what became of the records. Of the 11 thousand hours of surveillance footage from the British police have shown the public only a few seconds.

“Unnamed “government source” claims that British authorities “know everything there is to know” about the incident. Meanwhile, investigators are still not allowed to tell the audience where you were and what you were doing [Sergey and Yulia] Skripal after the morning of March 4 had left the house in the direction of the laboratory Porton Down allegedly switched off the phone”, — stated in the message.

The Department also said that after the incident the Russian side never gave the opportunity to communicate with citizens of the Russian Federation because the British authorities refused to allow Russian diplomats consular access Scriply and hide location latest.

Elderly mother Sergei Skripal passed after the poisoning months also never spoken to either him or Julia.

“Thus, citizens of Russia, Sergey and Yulia Skrypali remain in the position of forcibly detained persons, and the true circumstances of the incident on March 4, never installed. Replicating the “leaks” and suggestions of “experts” here hardly will help”, — summed up the representative of the Russian Embassy.

The Deputy Director of the National Institute of modern ideology development Igor Shatrov, commenting on the publication of the British media, expressed the opinion that the continuation of the story with Kripalani would expect.

“In 2018, Russia was accused of poisoning, evidence was not presented, Skrypali just disappeared from the information field, and the questions asked, in particular Russia, the Russian foreign Ministry demanded answers. We are interested in whether the defendants in this case. No answers, but somehow we must continue to support the theme, because accusations of poisoning fell is very important for the West a brick in the Foundation of all accusations against Russia”, — said the Tents in an interview with RT.