After one video in the Network become a walking meme

After one video in the Network become a walking meme

MOSCOW, January 8 — RIA Novosti, Irina Halecky. Heroes of the Internet are increasingly become actors, musicians and other celebrities, and ordinary people. One viral video and it’s in the bag.

RIA Novosti has collected stories of those on whose head fell the sudden fame.

“Please forgive me”

In may of last year Muscovite islyam of Fry decided to “joke”: rose in the lobby of the metro employee Regardie and carried it a few meters. All this is filmed: the movie, where the Fry have enough men in uniform and laughs over a few days spread through all the major online communities. However, it soon became not to jokes.

Malekova life divided into “before” and “after”. He told the correspondent of RIA Novosti, along with the popularity of the Network has amassed a lot of problems: because of this video against him opened a criminal case. Malekova judged by part 1 of article 318 UK “Application of violence not dangerous to life or health.” According to investigators, the young man deliberately wanted to hinder the work of authorities. The prosecution insisted that Maleckova given a year of probation. But in the end the court fined him 20 thousand rubles.

“Filmed unfamiliar people have uploaded video not me. If the video is not leaked, all would be care. I was summoned to the Investigative Committee four days after the video was already in many groups in social networks and the media. But after 12 hours delayed: homes raided, seized equipment, phones. Eventually I was taken to the detention center where I was awaiting trial,” recalls islyam.

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After the “jokes” in the subway, he was stopped by the police. And Malekova interviewed and released, because the intent in the act is not seen, and Matveev, the victim accepted the apology.

According to Islam, most of the “lottery” hit stopped his police: they were forced to resign from the authorities, because it is not detained the hooligan and did not designed the Protocol.

“Later they were called as witnesses in court, but they failed to do so. I want to apologize to them” — throws up his hands of the Fry.

Now, he says he was constantly teasing question: “And I will raise?”.

Viral fame

Typically, a “walking legend” are due to the viral popularity online. In the basis there is always some kind of story, absurd or interesting. The administrator of the first Russian resource about memes and viruses “Mamapedia” Azat Sattarov in an interview with RIA Novosti says that to become a man-meme is a specially impossible.

“The best memes in the history of those that came about by accident. But in theory, the recipe for success is still there: to become a popular rapper, musician, actor, blogger or entertainer, you need to generate hype and memes. How? To write songs, to Express in social networks on resonant themes, to come up with original gestures, or to do something funny on camera. Olga Buzova on everyone’s lips, because it makes all her words and actions (funny or serious) received viral fame. Most likely to become a meme in humans, with some feature- funny hair, gait, defects in appearance, unusual clothing,” he enumerates.