The Telegraph told about life Skrobala in the UK

The Telegraph told about life Skrobala in the UK

Former GRU officer Sergey Skripal and his daughter Julia, who, in March 2018, was poisoned by an unknown substance in Salisbury, is now likely to live in the South of the UK newspaper the Telegraph, citing informed sources.


According to sources, for the well-being Skrobala see medical professionals of a narrow circle.

According to one source, the employees of the security service of great Britain “could easily organize the work of Yulia, giving her the opportunity to have their own income and to return to society, while ensuring its security.” “Her knowledge of Russian language at the level of the carrier could also be useful”, — the newspaper writes.

According to the publication, Sergey and Yulia Skrypali can work for British intelligence.

The Telegraph writes that Julia Skripal maintains contact with friends from the UK and Russia. This summer she met with friends. As notes the edition, the girl and her father is now difficult to know. This is evidenced by the previously released video, the newspaper claims. In the video Yulia looks at family photos: she lost weight, changed her hairstyle and hair color. “Also probably altered appearance and her father Sergei Skripal. He can walk down the street in a hat or any other hair color, and no one will know” — said one of the sources of the newspaper. According to him, Sergei Skripal does not give interviews, he doesn’t want to reveal my new appearance.

Interviewed by The Telegraph, experts believe that victims are protected, however they are free to travel.