Bolton revealed the details of the withdrawal of American troops from Syria

Bolton revealed the details of the withdrawal of American troops from Syria

TASS, 6 Jan. The timetable for the withdrawal of American troops from Syria is flexible and depends on political decisions yet to be realized. On this, as reported on Sunday by Bloomberg, said the assistant to the President for national security John Bolton.

“The withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria does not imply the establishment of arbitrary time [which should be withdrawn the troops], as did [former] President Barack Obama in the case of Afghanistan. Schedule depends on political decisions, we need to realize”, — quotes Agency the words of Bolton.

The assistant to the President also noted that American soldiers will remain in the North-Eastern part of Syria, until Turkey agrees to guarantee the safety of the Kurds.

“We do not believe that Turkey must conduct military operations, if they are not coordinated and are not held in cooperation with the United States, at least, in order that they do not threaten our soldiers and meet the requirements of the President [of the USA of Donald trump], according to which Syrian opposition forces, who fought together with us, should not be subjected to danger,” said Bolton.

Answering the question of whether the US is to leave part of their troops, located at the base of the At-Tape in the southern part of Syria, Bolton said that “there are a large number of justified concerns about the revival of the Islamic state (the terrorist group ISIS banned in Russia) and that the US President has full authority to protect US interests and its allies around the world.”

Previously, NBC announced that the United States can leave some troops in the South of Syria indefinitely, despite the decision of President Donald trump on the complete withdrawal of U.S. troops from the Arab country. It is expected that Bolton will do the same in Israel, where he arrived yesterday for talks with the country’s leadership about the situation in Syria. 8-9 January, he will also visit in Turkey.