Saved in Magnitogorsk the baby is on the mend

Saved in Magnitogorsk the baby is on the mend

The baby is found and rescued in the collapse of a residential building in Magnitogorsk, he began to breathe on his own. This was announced by the health Ministry of Russia, reports TASS.

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According to the official representative of Department Maxim Radetsky, 10-month-old boy switched to spontaneous breathing with oxygen support. His condition is stable, he is in the intensive care unit of the Metropolitan research Institute of emergency children’s surgery and traumatology.

The child was found under the rubble on January 1 and was urgently evacuated to Moscow. At that time, the baby was diagnosed with severe frostbite of the extremities, a closed craniocerebral trauma, multiple fractures of the tibia, and General hypothermia.

Partial collapse of apartment buildings in Magnitogorsk killed 39 people, their identity is established. The rescue operation ended on 3 January. The main version is called the domestic gas explosion, an act of terrorism, the investigation has been repeatedly rejected.