In the United States were more than ten years in a coma, the woman gave birth to a child

In the United States were more than ten years in a coma, the woman gave birth to a child

MOSCOW, 5 Jan — RIA Novosti. The police of the city of Phoenix in the United States began investigating probable rape in the clinic woman who is in a coma became pregnant and gave birth to a child, according to local portal Arizona”s Family.

The incident occurred in a clinic specialized medical care Hacienda in the capital of the state of Arizona. The woman was placed in the hospital at least ten years ago after he nearly drowned, according to the portal, citing sources familiar with the situation.

The delivery was December 29, but information about the incident and official comments began to appear only the day before. It is noted that the child was born alive and healthy.

“The police Department of Phoenix is conducting a criminal investigation. We cooperate with the police to ensure the integrity of the investigation and to establish justice”, — quotes the portal of the statement of the official representative of the Governor of Arizona.

According to the news portal, citing a source, before the onset of birth, the hospital staff did not know about the pregnancy of the patient. It is noted that after this incident the rules of work in the institution have changed — now male nurses can go to the ward to patients unless accompanied by female colleagues.

Hacienda needs to lose their license.

— Nathan Schneider (@NSchneiderAZ13) January 4, 2019.

In the clinic said that are aware of the incident and “continues to cooperate with law enforcement and regulatory authorities” quoted Arizona”s Family. According to the statement, the medical institution is also conducting an internal review.