One in the new year salary increase for

One in the new year salary increase for

As experts predict portal, 5-15 percent of the salary may be increased for members of the profession.

Meanwhile, as noted by the experts of the portal in terms of low economic growth the business seeks to cut costs, so there may be reduced premiums and benefits packages.

“Consider this factor if you want to change jobs in the coming year, look at salaries excluding bonuses and other bonuses, look for insider information about what is happening with premiums for a particular employer,” recommends the founder of recruitment Agency DigitalHR Ekaterina Gavrilova.

At the same time in it industry wages will rise regardless of the overall trends. According to HeadHunter, the average market expected increase of salaries — six percent in the it field — ten percent.

The salaries of top-managers of the past three years have remained stable and this trend is likely to continue.

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