Boxer with one blow killed a security officer Poroshenko

Boxer with one blow killed a security officer Poroshenko

Employee of the state guard of Ukraine was killed during the brawl in the center of Kiev. On Thursday, January 3, reports the Internet-the edition Stranaya citing law enforcement sources.

According to the publication, the conflict occurred the evening of 2 January in the courtyard of a residential complex on the street Sapper field. The victim entered the altercation with a man walking two dogs. During the argument he struck him a sharp blow to the jaw. The man became ill, and he fell to the ground. Despite the efforts arrived on the scene doctors, the victim died without regaining consciousness.

It was later established that the victim was a 26-year-old employee of the state security Department, ensuring the safety of the first persons of the state.

As report “News of Ukraine”, a murder suspect was living in the same residential complex Ukrainian boxer Petr Ocheretyany. According to the newspaper, he more than ten years is the League of professional Boxing Ukraine and conducting fights in the heavyweight division.

Currently on the given fact criminal case as regards 1 article 115 of the criminal code of Ukraine (“Premeditated murder”). Police looking for suspect.