Why are some parts of the body hair grows, and on the other — no

Why are some parts of the body hair grows, and on the other — no

Why hair grow on hands and feet but on the palms or the soles of the feet do not grow? The question, seemingly, not so important, but in fact it is a whole evolutionary puzzle.


Researchers from the Medical school of Perelman and the University of Pennsylvania say they’ve found the answer to this question, and published his findings in an article published in the journal Cell Reports.

They found an inhibitor, which blocks production of so-called WNT signaling pathway that controls hair growth.

We know that WNT signaling pathway is critical for development of hair follicle-blocking it leads to the skin without hair, and inclusion on the contrary gives their abundant growth. In this study, we have shown how the hairless areas of the skin naturally produce an inhibitor that interrupt this signaling pathway.Dr. Sarah Millermaier issledovaniyeyamithe Woman lost legs due to cuts while shaving

The inhibitor was called Dickkopf 2 (DKK2), is a protein which is found in special tissues such as embryos and adults, where it plays a variety of roles. Scientists tested the plantar skin in mice — in fact it is similar to the skin of the palm at the person and found out that there DKK2 pronounced. And when it was removed, so this is the plot completely hairless started to grow hair.

That is, in fact, in every area of our skin has a system which promotes hair growth. She just locked.

The study revealed that the allocation of DKK2 in separate areas of the skin with the course of evolution to allow to appear different schemes of distribution of hair.

In addition to purely theoretical issues, the new discovery can help people get rid of baldness or alopecia.