Putin promised to increase pensions in Russia

Putin promised to increase pensions in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at an investment forum “VTB Capital” “Russia calls!”, said that pensions in the country will grow. He called this issue “solved”.


“It’s a topic that we always discuss. We are not closing the topic itself of accumulative pension funds — both private and public. We believe that these funds, their work should be organized so that these advantages are obviously felt by those people who allocate their funds in these pension funds”, — said the President of the Russian Federation. He added that inflation should not affect the pension savings. The President of the Russian Federation said that questions about the storage system, you can discuss with members of the Russian government and the Central Bank.

Earlier Putin during his televised address in September, said that in the next six years pensions for unemployed pensioners will increase by an average of 1 thousand rubles per year. Because of this, according to the head of the state, by 2024, the pension will increase from 14 144 thousand rubles to 20 thousand rubles. per month. In addition, it is suggested to raise the retirement age.

Later in September, the state Duma adopted a law on pension reform. According to him, men will retire at 65 and women at 60 years.

On 22 November the state Duma in the third final reading passed a law to extend freeze of the cumulative part of the pension until 2021. The accumulative part of pension frozen in 2014, but the “freeze” was extended several times. For four years, “freezing” of the Russian budget saved 2 trillion.