British thief wrote a touching letter to the student that stole the laptop

British thief wrote a touching letter to the student that stole the laptop

Such a criminal to punish, even do not want to.


Very funny, although criminal history shared on Twitter brummie Stevie Valentine. He said that on the eve of his roommate stole a laptop, but just a few hours he has received by email an unusual letter, written by the thief.

So my flat mates laptop got stolen today, please pree what the thief sent him ????

— Stevie Valentine (@StevieBlessed) 28 Nov 2018

My neighbor’s apartment today and stole a laptop. See what the thief was sent to him.

In a letter to the offender asking for forgiveness for what he had to deprive the guy of a laptop because of their poverty. He also reported that not knowingly stole a wallet and a cellphone, to somehow compensate for the loss.

Realizing that he stole the computer from a student, the offender was so deeply moved that he promised to send the mail, any notes and training materials that are on the stolen laptop.

History is silent, have contacted the injured student with the thief and asked to send some files, but netizens were very impressed with this story. Many have sympathized with the guilty offender, and offered to exchange the laptop for money or work for a thief.

Just buy the laptop back from him. He needs the money ??

— ChistaBlue (@chista92) 28 Nov 2018

Just buy the laptop from him, he needs the money

Some people just steal outta necessity, they’re not bad people.

— Digital (@digitaltrash98) 28 Nov 2018

Some steal just out of necessity. They aren’t bad people

?? at least he’s willing to send his uni work for him

— YT: ObaaHemaaa (@Obaa_Hemaaa) 28 Nov 2018

At least, he wants to send him to his University work

I actually feel so bad for the theif lol

— Mojimorire? (@JireAgbetunsin) 28 Nov 2018

In fact, I’m very sorry about this thief

Thieves in the UK seem friendly but their actions are not acceptable

— Lone Wolf (@Teemocardio) 28 Nov 2018

Thieves in Britain may look cute, but their actions are unacceptable

Someone once stole my aunties car then brought it back the next day with a note saying sorry and a new umbrella. ?

— Sarah (@kokeshimum) 28 Nov 2018

Someone once stole a car of my aunt, but the next day returned it back with a note saying “I’m sorry” and a new umbrella

Note that in the UK there are conscientious thieves. In November, in Malaysia the culprit first stole the guy’s bike, and the next day apologized and told where it was parked.