God on wheels. Why in India we pray to the motorcycle

God on wheels. Why in India we pray to the motorcycle

On the roads of India every year, killing about 400 people. Protect against the accident where you can ask specific deity retromatic Royal Enfield who pray in Rajasthan for 30 years.


In the state of Rajasthan in Northwest India is a vivid illustration of the problem was a fatal accident that occurred 30 years ago. The accident has so captured the imagination of local residents, the result is a new deity — God of the legendary motorcycle brand Royal Enfield “350 Bullet”, which you can ask for a safe journey.

In my last visit to India, visiting Rajasthan, the locals showed me the temple of this unexpected “God”.

Motorcycle on the road in the district of Pali began to pray in the early 1990s. he was placed in a glass box, and gradually the area around is overgrown with shops with Souvenirs, there was even a hotel and restaurant.

Every day there are hundreds of pilgrims. On site there is a permanent priest, installed donation boxes and even festivals.

But how is it that a relatively modern vehicle joined the diverse Pantheon of Hindu deities?