Scientists have found an effective way to quit Smoking

Scientists have found an effective way to quit Smoking

Scientists from Western University in Canada came to the conclusion that the fight against Smoking you can use the public aversion to this harmful habit and its condemnation. Their findings are presented in the journal of Consumer Affairs.


To test this, the professionals put an online experiment involving 156 American smokers. They were shown cigarette packs with the slogan “So people look at smokers” and photos of people. In one embodiment, the three men’s expression was neutral, and the second clearly read the disgust.

It turned out that the volunteers who saw “condemning” bundles, often feel ashamed and guilty. As shown by statistics, they have increased motivation to quit Smoking. However, those subjects for whom Smoking was a part of his own style, almost did not respond to such pressure, said N+1.

Informed scientists call the unexpected favor of a ban on Smoking in public places. It turned out that these measures significantly lower the average level of the “upper” blood pressure in passive smokers.

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