In the Urals, the girl hired a lawyer for protection from parents

In the Urals, the girl hired a lawyer for protection from parents

YEKATERINBURG/CHELYABINSK, November 23 — RIA Novosti. Commissioners for children’s rights in the Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions deal with the story of 15-year-old schoolgirl from Magnitogorsk, which hired a lawyer for protection from parents.


Earlier local media reported that the girl went to a lawyer, stating that parents against her will trying to pick her up from the specialized educational and scientific center of the Ural Federal University and to take home to Magnitogorsk.

We are engaged in, first and foremost, look at the situation from the point of view of settlement. We need to get out of this conflict. The only thing I’d say here you need to very carefully accents. Now the media emphasis placed on the fact that the violation of the right to education, but it, frankly, is not broken. Format define it all the same parents and in the education act, and other related documents. Now we are talking about the safety of the child.Igor Marakoudakis the Ombudsman of the Sverdlovsk region Newshead Teacher forced the student to remove from the phone “destructive mentality” pictures

According to him, together with the Commissioner for children’s rights in the Chelyabinsk region Irina Butorina they carefully understand the situation and try to come out of the conflict with minimal losses, primarily in the interests of the child.

“The situation is now under control. Find out all the circumstances of the incident. Conclusions to do prematurely. Now interact with the organs of the system of prevention of Magnitogorsk, including the organization of psychological support,” said Butorin.

Currently, according to her, the girl is in Magnitogorsk.