95-year-old security guard of a Nazi camp was going to be judged

95-year-old security guard of a Nazi camp was going to be judged

German prosecutors accused the 95-year-old resident of Berlin’s involvement in the deaths of tens of thousands of prisoners of the Mauthausen concentration camp. On it informs “bi-Bi-si”.


It is alleged that Hans H. (Hans H.) worked in the protection of the Nazi camps from mid 1944 until the beginning of 1945. He is accused of involvement in the deaths of 223 prisoners 36. In a statement, the Prosecutor stated that the suspect knew “about all methods of killing, and the catastrophic living conditions of prisoners in the camp.”

The pensioner and his lawyers have not commented on the situation. According to the publication, Hans H. — the last of the former guards of Nazi camps, who face criminal prosecution.

Mauthausen — German concentration camp near the city in the years 1938-1945. There were about 190 thousand prisoners, half of whom were killed. Inmates of Mauthausen formed the International underground Committee, which has successfully proved in the last days of the camp’s existence.

In August from the USA to Germany has extradited one of the last known Nazi Third Reich Jacob paly. Since 2003 he did not have American citizenship, but he continued to live in a two story house in new York city because no country was willing to take a man. Send it to Germany managed after weeks of diplomatic meetings.