Russian scientists showed the engine “with vodka” (photo)

Russian scientists showed the engine “with vodka” (photo)

This fall, the scientists of the Samara national research University named after Sergey Korolev has developed an engine that works on vodka — ethanol + water. Hi-Tech got pictures of this invention.


The propulsion system is designed for maneuvering nanosatellite SamSat-M. the Scientists of the Department of space research has involved a mixture of distilled water and ethyl alcohol (40% mixture). Thus low molecular weight water allows to obtain a high velocity of the steam, and high speed maneuvering.

The alcohol content prevents freezing of the working fluid of the engine at low temperatures in earth orbit.

The mixture cannot self-ignite, it is not toxic and does not cause environmental damage. The engine looks like this:

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According to the authors of the project, the use of water-alcohol engine extends the capabilities of the spacecraft of nanoglass. In space they can in a group to solve applied problems: to study the geophysical fields, thermosphere and ionosphere of the Earth to predict natural disasters and to identify asteroid threats, to inspect the state of the spacecraft in space.

Now the University is testing the prototype engine, later to engage in its improvement. At the same time, scientists from the Department of space studies designing experimental nanosatellite for conducting flight tests.

Anna Monakova

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