Russian pensioner asked not to disconnect the house from the gas and died

Russian pensioner asked not to disconnect the house from the gas and died

Employees of municipal services of the city Korablino (Ryazan oblast) was disconnected from the gas house, where the family lived seniors with disabilities, and then died an elderly woman, according to “the Present time”.


According to TV channel, the wife of Nikolaev in two years owed the gas service to 80 thousand rubles, because their pension is not enough money to pay the bills: the money went to food, medicine and the repayment of the loan of the deceased son. In early November, an elderly couple turned off the gas, and the temperature in the house dropped to five degrees. A pensioner suffering from cancer, tried to negotiate with the gasman, but after a few days died of a stroke.

“It turns out, it was deliberately killed. (…) Imagine a sick person with a bunch of diseases, including cancer, lying under three blankets, wearing. Food I could cook just for the boiler and in the microwave,” said her husband.

According to the publication, the Ministry of labour and social protection of the Ryazan region, the retiree one-time aid — 40 thousand rubles.

With the beginning of 2018, the number of people — malicious defaulters for utilities services in Russia increased by almost 21 percent. According to analysts ‘ estimates, in the aggregate, the “bad” consumers of housing and communal services owed 1.63 billion rubles in January — October of the current year, this amount rose by 27 percent. The average amount of debt for the same period decreased slightly and the fall amounted to 45 thousand rubles.