170 km/h the Lexus flew into BTR near Irkutsk. Video

170 km/h the Lexus flew into BTR near Irkutsk. Video

Hurry, the driver broke through an army cordon on the road near Irkutsk and at the speed of 170 kilometers per hour crashed into the APC. As a result of accident 31-the summer owner of a Lexus GS300 died on the spot. Eyewitnesses took video of the aftermath of the accident.


The accident occurred late on the evening of November 22 at Kachug tract near the village of Zherdevka. Man, according to witnesses, decided not to stand in traffic because of blocked military patrol road, and went on break.

The driver broke through the cordon and almost ran over a contractor, and twice explained to him that the passage is closed and that it is necessary to wait, when will the column. At the head of the APC immediately offered to push it gently to the side, not the first time that was done, we received an order to take the column to the right and miss.Alex Ivanovocenter

The Lexus pulled away, but typing speed is 170 km/h, crashed into bringing up the rear the APC. Blow was such force that at the battle of the car tore off the wheel, and it is deployed on the track. Crumpled car flew off the road and broke. To save trapped in the cabin man failed, from the received traumas it has died on the spot.

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“The APC has saved other lives, because on its place there could be other cars that waited quietly on the other hand, when the pass column”, — summed up Ivanov.