Scientists have refuted a known fact about vanilla

Scientists have refuted a known fact about vanilla

The spice turned out to be much more “ancient” than previously thought.


The first use of vanilla as a spice started 2600 years earlier than was believed until now.

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To such conclusion scientists have come thanks to the important discovery, made in the tomb of the bronze age in Israel. She is about 3600 years.

Previously it was believed that the first use of vanilla in food began native Americans in Mexico about a thousand years ago. For a long time, vanilla was exported to Europe from the New world. The cost was exceptionally high.

Traces of vanilla was discovered in jars during excavations in the area of Megiddo, which is conducted by the archaeologists from tel Aviv University. The researchers suggested that the ancient Israelites used the oil with vanilla for cooking, for medicinal purposes, in rituals, and perhaps also for embalming the dead. The results of their study published in Science News.

Traces of vanilla has been found in three of the four jars placed in the tomb three people — adult men and women and boys aged from 8 to 12 years. The burial chamber with them were discovered for the first time in 2016.

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Found in jugs identical to vanilla spice, which is produced in East Africa, India and Indonesia. Experts believe that she fell at Megiddo along the trade routes of southwest Asia.

Most likely, buried the family belonged to the elite or even the Royal family of the Canaanites.

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